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The Flourishing Diversity Series seeks to focus peoples’ minds on what they can do, instead of what they can’t.


Encouraging diversity to flourish in all spaces is an important part of how every citizen can contribute to regenerating species diversity and healing ecosystems.


By appreciating the role of humans as keystone species in every environment we inhabit, we can each focus our actions creatively on those spaces we have influence over without imposing rigid diktats about what must be done.


The Flourishing Diversity Series (FDS) seeks to identify and support a diversity of locally based practices that anyone can take up, to ensure a habitable earth for humans and our companion species. 


By appealing to what it fundamentally means to be human, Flourishing Diversity offers a collective response to restoring our planet that unifies cultures across the globe and encourages incremental, personalised actions that will be rewarding and inspiring.


FDS promotes three urgent processes to conserve the remaining intact global landscapes and prevent the ‘6th Mass Extinction’ – a ‘biological annihilation’ of the Earth’s plant and animal species:


1) To protect Indigenous ‘territories of life’ from extractive industry, large infrastructural developments and industrial agriculture.

2) To vigorously resist resource exploitation and consumption patterns that threaten diversity.

3) To encourage all to become part of the solution by taking responsibility for the spaces we have influence over and creating places where diversity can flourish.

What Next?

At scale, if millions of people act on these collective aims, we can work towards mitigating the worst effects of climate change and species loss. Ultimately, flourishing biodiversity requires cultural, economic and horticultural diversity. FDS believe this is one of the key missing practices for restoring our planet and ensuring a future habitable earth for all species.


Inspire yourself from the examples that the Summit’s Indigenous representatives have shared with us. How can you deepen your connection to Gaia? How can you better listen to what she tells you? How can you promote her interests?


Become a Flourisher

Think about the spaces you have influence over. How can you act to enhance their cultural and biological diversity? No matter how small, if you attend to the space you control with love you

become part of the solution, not the problem! 


What can you plant? How can you tend it to encourage greater diversity of animal life? Who else can you invite to contribute? Can you grow a local network of flourishers? Vision the world you wish to create for yourself and the generations to come. Reinforce that vision every day and let it lead you!


Make it a heart project – something that you do to enjoy the flourishing for its own sake. Invite others to join you. Enjoy the companionship of the other species and people that you share

your space with, watch them grow and get to know them. Attend to the small details, enjoy the tiny as well as the large and flamboyant. Maybe your network can become a ‘Territory of Life’?


Consume with care for Gaia

Change your consumption patterns so that you source locally, eat seasonally, avoid environmentally damaging production practices to minimise your environmental footprint and maintain high ethical standards to avoid further damage to people, places and Gaia.


Resist corporate abuse of our environments

Inform yourself about corporate interests that are abusing people, other species, landscapes and environments. Join others in expressing your indignation: protest against banks, governments and those that promote their interests or facilitate their damaging activities, boycott their goods and services.


Become a Citizen of Gaia

Gaia has no countries. Cultivate your global awareness:

Keep track of international affairs, follow what happens to the key environments on which our collective future depends, follow and support the struggles of Indigenous peoples. Resist and protest against governments that continue to ignore environmental issues, or continue

to promote financial and business interests over environmental, indigenous and human rights.


Become an Environmental Defender 

Support Indigenous and local communities’ struggles for their rights. Promote the recognition of Indigenous and local communities’ legal rights to their territories, their rights to care for the land as they see fit, their rights to refuse extractive industry, to reject industrial agriculture and monocultures, or to refuse so-called ‘development’ projects imposed without consent. Insist on the right of all citizens and peoples to reject what they have not given their free, prior and informed consent to. Many existing environmental defenders suffer regular death threats, physical abuse and other forms of pressure, increasing numbers are being murdered for standing up for Gaia. Show your solidarity and support them however you can.


An accompanying report, ‘Flourishing Diversity: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom Traditions’, provides more detail about the challenges we face, while seeking to inspire appreciation for the vital role Indigenous people play on the front line of resistance.


View and download the report here

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