9 - 11  SEPT 2019


The 2019 Listening Sessions, held in a diverse range of poignant London venues, paired Indigenous representatives with high-level Western individuals from the worlds of art, politics, business, conservation and fashion; Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Gabriel, Baroness Young of Hornsey, Sophie Hunter and Lily Cole to name a few.


These Western leaders donated the power of their voice by taking an intentional listening role, representing the urgent need for the world to start listening to Indigenous representatives and their sophisticated approaches to living in community structures that coexist with and support harmony and abundance with the rest of Life.  


Here are the highlights from each session. You can watch the full length version on our YouTube Channel.


We ask you to help us spread these vital messages by sharing these films far and wide.

The Arhuaco Mamos, Colombia @ The Serpentine Gallery

Living high up in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, the profoundly spiritual Arhuaco people lived in seclusion for centuries. A delegation of their Mamos (spiritual leaders) came to speak to the Western world to share their messages, world perspectives, and to conduct practices that needed to maintain balance.

Learn more about the Mamo's work and donate to support them at The Great Balance

Wisdom of Mother Earth, Global representatives @ The Ismaili Centre, London

International grandmothers and representatives from the next generation celebrate the interrelatedness of all life, which emerges through the female principle that brings all living forms into existence. Empathy, love, cooperation, sharing and mutual respect between men and women, between all cultures, all peoples and all life forms is the heart of being human today and the real hope for our collective future. Our beautiful blue planet urgently needs us to recognise this and take responsibility for our role as carers of Mother Earth - ensuring that the great dance of life remains as beautiful and diverse as possible for present and future life on our only planet to thrive and flourish.

Juǀ'hoan Khoisan @ The Conduit

Inhabiting the fragile Kalahari ecosystem for thousands of years as hunter-gatherers, the Juǀ'hoan San established the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, the first internationally recognised land conservancy in Namibia.​At Independence Mr.ǂOma Tsamkxao was elected the Juǀ'hoan Traditional Authority. Deeply committed to egalitarian social processes, Mr. ǂOma has worked tirelessly to promote the institutions and environmental management principles on which the Nyae Nyae Conservancy is based.

Learn more about the Conservancy and support their work by donating here.

Ashaninka & Guarani @ Simmons & Simmons

Despite horrific violence, invasion and destruction of their ancestral homeland by multiple industries; the Ashaninka and Guarani share how their love for the forest and their culture fuelled their resilience and commitment to 'fight back' by educating loggers and engaging with them to help replant 2 million trees. They share wisdom to help Western 'modern' cultures who have lost the understanding of true wealth.

To directly support the Guarani to reclaim and restore their territories, donate here.

Idu Mishmi @ ZSL

Three Idu representatives share details about their sophisticated religious systems managed by the shamans which leads to there being more tigers and other endangered species present on their territories than in neighbouring tiger reserves and protected areas. They also share the factors currently threatening the continuation of their culture and consequently, the harmony and balance of their lands.

Bishnoi @ ZSL

Originating 500 years ago in the fragile Rajasthani Dessert, the Bishnoi are followers of the 29 principles for environmentally sustainable communities as laid out by their founder Guru Jambheshwar. The full length version of this talk (coming soon) includes the film made by Mahesh which details the principles and interviews members of his community.


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