September 9th, 10th & 11th (day)

Register to join us for one or all three days of The Summit, a collaborative and participatory space where representatives of these indigenous traditions will share their wisdom, ideas and strategies to address contemporary environmental challenges. 

​Open to all, each day includes teachings and exploration on a different theme.

Monday 9th Sep @ UCL, Taviton Street

Sacred Lands explores the relationships between people and the lands they inhabit.

Learning from the guardians of diversity about their governance structures, natural resource management, and resistance against extractive industry and industrial agriculture that homogenises environments and people. A special focus will be placed on Brazil.

Tuesday 10th Sep @ UCL, Taviton Street

Mother Earth day is devoted to delving into the systems that care, nurture and regenerate healthy, thriving communities and landscapes. We consider the vital importance of reinstating feminine principals to all our approaches and global systems. The understanding of Earth as a 'Mother' who has birthed the astonishing diversity of species on which earthly life depends, is both ancient and global.

It will also explore the importance women hold at this time, whether as physical mothers or creators and leaders of projects and movements, in assuring the flourishing of diversity and human blossoming. 


Wednesday 11th Sep @ UCL, Taviton Street

Diversity Day explores the role of partnerships, alliances and working with shared intentions to regenerate, protect, conserve and enhance indigenous communities, their lands, food security and ecosystems. The day will explore how collaborative networks can support indigenous peoples’ Territories of Life.

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